Oregon-based Hemex Health receives funding for life-saving diagnostics device

Hemex Health has received the Innovation Award for its innovative portable diagnostics device which can help detect sickle cell, malaria, and other life-threatening diseases.

Along with the Innovation Award, Hemex Health will receive funding from Oregon Lottery which funds programs and projects for Oregonians. This includes projects such as Oregon’s public schools, job creation, state parks, natural resources, veteran services and Outdoor School.

Hemex Health brings affordable, accurate and, most of all, portable diagnostics to people who live in remote locations around the world. It’s the first step in connecting people to life-saving treatments.

Aptly named the “Gazelle”, Hemex Health’s portable testing platform can help test and diagnose a number of diseases. The platform can survive challenging conditions, including extreme heat and harsh environments. Because of these features, the gazelle can help hundreds of thousands of children in remote areas around the world get access to lab services and therefore quick and accurate diagnostics to help better manage their disease.

Hemex Health is working to explore applications for COVID-19 testing using the platform. The same attributes that make it an ideal choice for point-of-care diagnostics in more remote parts of the world — its speed, durability, and affordability — could make Gazelle an ideal choice for rapid COVID-19 testing both here in the U.S. or abroad, a great example of Portland-based technology making a global impact.

KBF CPAs is proud to serve Hemex Health.

Find out more about Hemex Health and their mission here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hdP3zx7EuY