Potential Minimum Tax on Large Oregon Businesses to Fund Rebates

Prospective ballot measure in Oregon (IP-17) would impose a minimum tax of 3% on the gross sales of corporations that have at least $25m in Oregon sales

  • The new minimum tax would be in addition to the current minimum tax levied by Or. Rev. Stat. § 317.090(2)(a)—the minimum tax which ranges from $150 to $100,000 based on Oregon sales.
  • Like the existing minimum tax, the new minimum tax cannot be offset by credits.
  • Previously, the minimum tax on S corporations was limited to $150, IP-17 modifies this limitation to only apply to S corporations with less than $25m of Oregon sales; S corporations with at least $25m of Oregon sales would now be subject to both the current minimum tax under Or. Rev. Stat. § 317.090(2)(a), as well as the proposed minimum tax on 3% of Oregon gross sales.
  • The proceeds from the new minimum tax would be used to distribute rebates to eligible Oregonians.

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