Technical Expertise and Strategic Vision

Tax regulations can change wildly from one year to the next. For most businesses and individuals with complex tax needs, keeping up with the latest changes requires significant resources. Even when every effort is made, our clients can easily find themselves in need of assistance from a team of tax professionals who possess the type of specialized knowledge required to compete in a global business environment.

With KBF as your trusted tax advisor, you’ll receive the exceptional support and technical expertise needed to develop the type of forward-looking tax strategies that will minimize tax burdens and control compliance costs. KBF offers a wide range of tax services to support our clients' various tax needs.


Tax Services


SEC & Venture Backed Companies

With numerous public companies and hundreds of private equity owned and venture-backed entities already amongst our clients, KBF has proven an invaluable partner in providing outsourced tax accounting, advisory, and compliance services. KBF distinguishes itself in the area of Accounting for Income Tax where we apply a dynamic client-driven approach to this challenging field of financial reporting.


Emerging Growth Companies

From initial seed money to the moment your company launches,  KBF will provide your business with the type of personalized service and unwavering support needed to enable your company to grow into its full potential. KBF maintains our position as a leader in the emerging growth market by providing value and cultivating relationships that last throughout all life cycles of our clients’ businesses.


Closely Held

KBF understands the importance of tax planning and concise communication for pass-through business owners. To better enable our clients to address the short- and long-term complexities inherent in the operation of their businesses, we focus on providing the type of support that solves the problems of today, while still anticipating the challenges that tomorrow may bring.


Business Owners and Executives

Business owners and executives often face complex and challenging issues which increases the need to work with experienced tax advisors. To protect your finances and better manage your wealth, you need the assistance of a team that will provide high-touch, personalized tax advisory services. We utilize our extensive experience to provide our clients with the knowledge they need.