Expatriate Tax & Global Mobility Solutions

Let Us Help You Manage Your Multinational Workforce

Competing in a global marketplace requires a workforce that features the right combination of size, skill and experience. Employing that workforce on an international scale brings with it complex challenges.

Managing compensation, health benefits, tax compliance requirements, and global mobility services requires the right blend of experience and know-how.

KBF’s Global Mobility Services team offers our clients the type of tax knowledge and insight they need to better manage their multinational workforces. We focus on providing our clients with the highest level of technical experience and customer service.


Our expatriate tax and global mobility services include:

  • Expatriate Federal and State Income Tax Compliance 
  • Foreign Tax Compliance Coordination
  • Tax Planning for Inbound and Outbound Employees
  • Tax Equalization Calculations and Policy Review
  • Hypothetical Tax Consultation
  • Social Security/Totalization Planning and Advice
  • Global Mobility Consulting
In addition to these services, the KBF team works with an independent network of service providers to assist our clients with banking, investment, relocation, insurance, immigration or legal requirements.