Private Client Services

KBF CPAs is uniquely situated to further elevate success

As a Private Client Services client, you will engage with a team of professionals offering customized solutions focusing on strategic tax decision making, tax compliance, estate and multigenerational planning, liquidity and exit planning, philanthropic planning, and family governance.

Our clients receive the education and guidance needed to make informed decisions and successfully navigate the intricacies of a complex planning landscape.

We measure ourselves based on your continued and increasing success, and your ability to secure the future for you and your loved ones.



Goals &

We take the time to understand what is important to you, with measured consideration of the tax and non-tax factors that shape your planning goals. Being able to quickly adapt as part of an ongoing planning process is part of our commitment to ensure changes in your particular situation are addressed promptly and prudently.


Estate Planning

Estate planning becomes crucial for our clients to preserve and transfer their wealth to future generations efficiently. Our team is an intricate part of the process of creating a comprehensive estate plan, establishing trusts, minimizing estate taxes, and ensuring a smooth wealth transfer process according to the client's wishes.



We recognize the importance of family philanthropy and values. We help clients engage in purposeful and impactful giving by aligning them with charitable organizations and causes that best reflect their values, ensuring that their donations create positive change and promote social welfare.


Tax Planning &

Our clients often have complex tax situations due to multiple income sources, complex investments, and business interests. Our team has extensive experience with sophisticated tax planning and can help manage a client’s tax liabilities, navigate intricate tax laws, and ensure compliance with all filing and reporting requirements.


Liquidity &
Exit Planning

Clients looking to the next stage in life following an exit or liquidity event are presented with unique opportunities to mold their family’s future, mitigate taxes, achieve philanthropic goals, and plan for needed cash-flow and asset security.


Multi-Generational Planning

Managing wealth across generations can often require the establishment of effective family governance structures and a focus on wealth education. We assist in establishing family offices, providing comprehensive education for family members, facilitating communication and decision-making processes, and ensuring the seamless transfer of wealth and values across generations.

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