KBF partners with Avalara to simplify tax compliance for SMEs

With frequent changes in tax law in different jurisdictions, it can be difficult for businesses to comply with various tax requirements.

KBF CPAs recognizes this as an opportunity to address the challenges of a dynamic tax law environment. KBF’s solution is to partner with leading tax software Avalara to enhance KBF’s services, specifically helping small and medium sized businesses calculate and comply with sales and use tax related to jurisdictional laws and regulations.

Avalara is a leading software provider for automated tax compliance. Avalara prides itself as the top tax software choice for more than 30,000 clients globally – from independent operators to midsize businesses and Fortune 100 companies.

For those clients who want to take advantage of Avalara’s robust features while also benefiting from expert advice from tax professionals, KBF’s partnership with Avalara will help clients simplify tax compliance for their businesses.

Avalara’s software solution helps businesses collect, file, and remit taxes based on their location. It calculates tax rates in different jurisdictions in the U.S. and can also apply tax codes on products sold internationally. For businesses based in one or multiple locations in the U.S. or expanding globally, Avalara can help you keep up with local and international tax regulations.

Armed with Avalara’s software, KBF’s State and Local Tax team can easily keep up with various tax needs of small and medium sized businesses including income and franchise taxes, sales and use taxes, tax controversy support and other relevant state or local tax issues.

Shannon Tran, Senior Manager for State and Local Tax for KBF, was recently accredited as a certified implementation partner for Avalara products.

As a certified partner, Shannon received training from Avalara to assist businesses effectively and efficiently in identifying which Avalara products best fit their needs, along with the implementation of Avalara’s line of software, including Avalara AvaTax, Avalara Returns, and Avalara CertCapture.

“I’m very excited to use the training I received to assist businesses with their compliance needs. Not only have I gained the knowledge needed, I also have a great team over at Avalara who are willing to help at any given moment. By engaging KBF, clients should feel at ease knowing that their business is in good hands,” Tran said

For those who want to learn more about Avalara products, including purchasing and integration, contact KBF CPAs. We work directly with Avalara to help you identify the right type of product for your business needs and help get you the best prices.